Angela David | A&R/Artist Development + Booking Agent

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois brings you, “The” Ms. Angela David. Angela is now being recognized as Joy Entertainment and Event Management, Inc. newest and most exclusive A&R Manager; with specialties including, but certainly not limited to: 

Artist Manager, Road Manager, Concert Producer, Talent Booking Agent, and Marketing.

Angela attended Harper College where she graduated obtaining an impressive double major with Honors in Business Management and Human Resources Management. Throughout the years, Angela has spent most of her adult years raising her son as well as not only supporting his aspirations, but truly assisting him in every way possible to fulfill his lifelong dreams of becoming a world-wide famous rapper. When Angela was only 26 years young, she not only became a mother, but mother and father. While preparing for a task, such as unknown onto her new journey to Motherhood, Angela explained, 

“Like any expecting mom, I felt nervous and unprepared.  That feeling quickly changed the moment I heard his heart beating during my very first sonogram.  Ironically, it was music to my ears.  From that point on, I knew that I had to give him my all and then give him more.  My entire perspective of life had changed.  I no longer looked at things as impossible.  Sure, I had my challenges, but that only motivated me to work harder and be even smarter.  By taking on the responsibility for another life, it truly forced me to keep my eyes open for the solutions and not the problems, or rather seeing the positives outweigh any and all negatives.”

About 9 years ago, the hip-hop dreams became the realistic journey for this Mother-Son Dynamic Duo after mom, Angela, began to genuinely believe and recognize her son’s natural born talent and passion for the rap music industry! Within the first 2 years of this journey, after all the countless nights, and even longer days were consumed with endless research tirelessly for Angela was really learning all the ropes of the business, the lingo, the do’s and especially the don’ts, as well as running a household, a family, and a full-time career. However, within the first 2 years, the hard work, and even a national tour later- Angela was faced with a very difficult decision to choose her lifelong goals within her career or pursue the dreams of her extremely talented son. Without a shadow of a doubt, Angela chose her son’s passion of being that famous rap, hip-hop superstar he has dreamed of since the youngest age of 5. 

Now, 9 long years later, I think it is safe to say that Angela is literally a redeemed business professional, entrepreneur, and all time Boss Lady! She has overcome, endured, and conquered some of life’s toughest obstacles. Angela began to not just be “Mama K or Mama Biggs” to the familiar faces within the industry, instead Angela was out there making connections along with branding a name for herself and her son to build their empire because Angela saw “the BIGGER Picture”! 

After all of Angela’s dedication, it was beginning to catch the eyes of big named artists, which landed Angela a gig with her first artist, the Grammy winning entertainer, Mya. After Mya and Angela’s partnership and collaborations, suddenly the doors began to fly open for Angela in this new realm of Hip-Hop Music Industry for her to not only get to help her son achieve his aspirations, but also to experience” once in a lifetime” opportunities to work with other celebrities! What once felt like a dream, was now her biggest reality- it was almost surreal.  

Throughout these past 9 years achieving the life of the “rich and famous” make NO mistake that nothing was ever handed to Angela or her son. It was only possible with God, the amazing love and support of close family and friends, mixed with some street smarts, and a whole lot of determination, that all things were made possible. Of course, there were hard times, bumps in the road, and times where giving up seemed easier, because the run has not always been so easy, however, Angela never gave up with her multitude of perseverance and determination- which is how she has rightfully earned her well-deserved title at Joy Entertainment and Event Management, Inc. as The Official Head A&R (Artist & Repertoire.)

After much hard work, sleepless nights, and tough breaks- Angela David, now residing within the Suburbs of Northwest Chicago, has not only made a name for her son and a huge reason for all his success and new-found fame, but along the way, whether by accident, chance, or pure fate, made a renowned name for herself in a dog-eat-dog business. Angela prides herself in being very honest and transparent, as well as feeling as though she genuinely made herself a name without all the “extra”- No drama and no bad blood, and she did not have to step on any toes to make it to the top. Instead, she rightfully earned her accolades, achievements, and acknowledgements just as if she was brought up within this arena of the music industry her entire life. Angela thrives on helping others and she is ready to partner together as Joy Entertainment and Event Management, Inc. (official) A&R to assist others, with similar aspirations just as she has experienced with her own son, to start from the bottom and head straight to the top of the game!