Budding book author Modi is following in the footsteps of her celebrity mom, Tamera Fair, an actress, on-air personality and founder of Chicago’s distinguished Premier Child Care Centers. Carrying on her mother’s legacy, she has held reign as the CEO of Premier Child Care Centers since the age of 23. As the author of the new release, “Some Women Prefer Hell,” Modi, now 25, is carving out her own path and claiming her own personal legend.

A graduate of Fisk University, degreed in English, Modi fell in love with literature. In fact, words became her lifesaver when she found herself battling a serious bout of depression. Depression can be a crippling disease, but Modi was resilient and refused to let it get the best of her. At the beckoning of her therapist, she took pen to paper and “Some Women Prefer Hell” was born! Her first entry into the world of urban literature, the book has already garnered her media accolades with appearances on Fox32 in Chicago as well as Chicago’s WGN-TV.