Poncho biggs



Kenneth Thomas is an up and coming rap artist with big dreams and new music on the way. Most people remember him by his former rap name, Lil Kaotik. When asked why he decided to change his name from Lil Kaotik to Poncho Biggs he replied, “Poncho Biggs is a more meaningful name to me, Poncho has been my nickname since I was a baby, and Biggs is my grandpa’s last name. I feel it better represents who I am.” Poncho Biggs is a multi-talented rapper, hip-hop artist and actor from Chi-town. He developed a passion for music in his early childhood. He decided he wanted to pursue music at 5-years-old. What makes Poncho Biggs unique is his humbleness and dedication to his fans. His music has been played on WGCI and Power 92, and although Poncho Biggs isn’t the most famous rapper out right now, he’s working hard to become No. 1 on the charts and in the heart of millions.